Director Neeraj Pandey continues to make films in a rather unconventional manner. The man responsible for some amazing thrillers has adopted a rather international approach to his forthcoming film, Baby and decided to do away with the songs.

Baby 8The director feels that a film’s main purpose is to engage audiences into its story. Given that Baby is a slick, espionage thriller heavy on gruelling action sequences and stunts, a song was never required or appropriate.

While it is a unique film with no songs, Bhushan Kumar’s high-octane thriller has come up with a novel theme song. The track, titled Beparwah, reflects the theme of the film and is an ode to the attitude of its characters. The makers recently released the audio track, which is fast stirring a buzz on social media.

The gorgeous Esha Gupta, who represents sensuality and glamour that manifests itself in the tone and attitude of the film, shot for the theme song with the music composed by Meet Brothers. The song, which reminisces the various on-goings happening in one’s country, underlines the attitude of the film and, as the makers of the film have stated, history is made by those who give a damn, for those who think selflessly and put country first. A highly stylised set was created especially for the theme song with two distinct looks – one a pristine, angelic white setting and the other a sensuous and mysterious play with darkness. Both looks are plush, accentuated and perfectly capture the mood of the song.