OnTrak teamed up with Bradford College to allow students showcase their work at a motor show.

The independent garage and charity took OnTrak students and Bradford College students from The Motor Education Department to the NEC Birmingham Classic Car Motor show last week. This was to showcase classic cars they had restored themselves as well as bikes, the growing project, karting and education that the students received through OnTrak.

The unique occasion gave students an opportunity to present and be proud of what they had achieved and continue to achieve, as well as promotions their growing skill sets and apprenticeships.

Natalie D Kershaw, OnTrak community worker said: “In November, through generous National Lottery funding, we were able to take the students to the NEC Classic Car Motor Show. This was a huge undertaking with 19 students from OnTrak and Bradford College taking part. This is the first time an organisation such as this has done something like this and relied entirely on students to make it happen. The students were able to show case the classic cars that they had renovated themselves as well as showcase their other achievements. For many, this was the first time they had been away from home and it was a chance for them to develop some life skills. Also, they were given a chance to talk to people who came to the stand and show off their work proudly”.

“Their achievements cannot be underestimated here! The impact on their skill sets, personal development and confidence was enormous”.

This year, OnTrak were delighted to receive National Lottery funding for their project: OnTrak for Success.

The Big Lottery Fund funds projects and activities that make communities stronger and more vibrant, and that are led by the people who live in them.

As well as supporting charities, community groups, and people with great ideas – local or national, large or small, the charity also brings people and groups together: to share experiences, learn from each other and try new ways of working.

Natalie said: “OnTrak is, for many of the students, the last chance they have. Students have many different issues and we are able to create bespoke educational and progression packages for each student. We are entirely privately funded and do not rely on funding for our day-to-day running which allows us to be flexible in our approach. However, we do have some great support from many local businesses which allow us to flourish and offer the students more”.

OnTrak is a children and young people’s charity providing motor vehicle training and education to young people aged between 13 and 19 years old, working with local schools, colleges and community organisations. This project is unique and is the first time that an organisation like this has ever taken part in such an event.