A press conference was held by Pakistan’s Chief Minister of Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif today, to announce the arrest of the suspect in the Zainab Ansari murder case.

Accompanied by Zainab Ansari’s father, the chief minister formally announced Muhammad Imran Ali’s arrest as the suspected killer in the Zainab Ansari case and a serial killer.

“We have arrested the serial killer of Zainab Ansari due to the untiring efforts of civil and military agencies,” Shehbaz Sharif said. “The beast has confessed to heinous crimes,” he said.

He said that DNA test which included a polygraph test was conducted and they both confirm Imran Ali as the killer of Zainab Ansari.

Zainab’s body was discovered discarded in a garbage pile in the Kasur region of Pakistan. Reports claim that she had been killed after being sexually abused multiple times.

The seven-year-old’s murder resulted in an international outcry with protests all across Pakistan.

Zainab’s father Amin Ansari who was present at today’s press conference thanked the authorities, police and his relatives in their efforts to catch the suspect.

“I was in Saudi Arabia and when I was told about my daughter’s disappearance, I rushed back to Pakistan,” he told Pakistani reporters.

Reports have also said that the suspect, Imran Ali, had sexually assaulted and murdered at least another seven other minor girls.

The suspected serial killer, is believed to be twenty-three years old, lived near Zainab’s house, and was a frequent visitor at Zainab’s family home. He was arrested from Pakpattan and is thought to have confessed to raping and killed Zainab Ansari.