Bradford citizens have spoken out about what they believe to be ‘hypocrisy of freedom of speech’, to express their views a peaceful multi-faith protest will be held on Saturday 17th January at Bradford’s Centenary Square at 7:30pm.

protestThe protest has been organised after the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo returned to work, after masked gunmen stormed its Paris offices and killed 12 people last week, and their first cover upon their return depicted the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

Soon after the attacks many leaders across the world spoke out about their disgust and horror towards the attack and a unity march took place in Paris in which many of the leaders were involved in.

In the upcoming event people will be gathering to question why the world leaders had not conducted marches for other attacks that have taken place across the world.

The protest also touches upon the view that Muslims are being victimsed and treated unfairly with the constant blame. The belief is that the actions of these terrorists should not make Muslims feel that they now need to be on the defensive.

Those attending will include George Galloway MP for Bradford West and faith leaders.

Over 900 people on social media have confirmed their attendance and the organisers have suggested that people wishing to attend the protest come with a green ribbon to represent peace.