By Aalia Khan

pkAamir Khan yet again wowed the audiences in PK, which depicts in a simplistic form the sensitive subject of organised religion and those who would exploit it for personal gain. In a light hearted, comedic manner PK (Aamir khan) teaches audiences not to blindly believe anything they are told and to use their own logic and common sense at times.

Pk’s innocence shines through when he lands on earth as an alien (Don’t worry it’s not a spoiler) and goes in search of his remote control, which was stolen from him on his arrival, to return back home.

PK travels to Delhi to find his remote only to be told ‘God only knows where it is’, taking a literal meaning out of this response PK goes in search of God to demand for his remote to be returned to him. His strange behaviour leads to everyone questioning him if he is PK (Tipsy) hence his name becoming PK.

Along the way PK embarks on many adventures in which he learns about the various different religions that co-exist in a single society. As well as religion he also learns the mannerisms, dress sense and dialects of human beings.

pk posterKhan’s acting in the film is no less than expected from the brilliant actor and his co-actor Anushka Sharma has also played her part as a TV journalist, fascinated by PK’s tale though initially disbelieving of it, really well. Her look in the film however was not very attractive, compared to the abs and muscles of Aamir, and her hairdo, which was not required for her role did not do her any favours.

Pk’s story and child like behaviour draws Anushka into helping him find his remote, and also using PK and his questions on religion and life to challenge the Hindu guru Tapasvi Maharajon her TV show and exposing his fraudulent ways.

Boman Irani plays the TV channels anchor/producer but his superb acting is not utilised well in the film, making him seem like a background actor.

The film as a whole was hilarious, adventurous, and a tad bit emotional and few life lessons of love and equality are taught along the way.

It is definitely worth a watch and I would give it ****/***** for the brilliant acting and humour presented in the film but a little short than five stars due to the lack of Boman Irani’s presence and Anushka’s appearance.