Police in Wakefield have been given an insight into the Islamic faith after a series of training sessions at a local mosque.

Officers from Wakefield Division have attended one of six sessions being held at the Sawafiyyah Jamia mosque, Wakefield, to increase understanding of the Islamic faith as well as forging local contacts.

The officers were given an insight into Islam as well as a tour of the mosque and information about its role in the community.

PC Richard Marsh, Wakefield District Police Community Engagement Officer, said: “The aim of the training is to equip officers with a basic understanding of Islam and how we interact with our communities. It is a tailor-made training package for the police and will explain areas of the Muslim culture and religion in a way that will be useful in day to day policing.as33 web mosque police

“The police are about more than just enforcement – we need to engage fully with our communities. I feel this kind of training will go a long way in building relations with the minority ethnic population in Wakefield and show a true desire to become an effective and integral part of the communities we work in.”

Chief Superintendent Andy Battle, Divisional Commander for Wakefield police said:These training sessions have many benefits for the police, our partners and the local Muslim community. They give the opportunity for all staff and not just our Neighbourhood Policing Teams to gain a valuable insight around the faith of Islam. In addition we will be able to show how we engage with all our communities through our neighbourhood style approach to policing.”