Police in Bradford have said they will do everything they can to arrest foreign nationals wanted for offences in their home countries after arresting a Slovakian man suspected of causing death by dangerous driving.

Officers from Bradford District Police today (Wednesday January 21) executed a European Arrest Warrant to take into custody a 29-year-old man who has been wanted for 10 years on suspicion of causing Death by Dangerous Driving in his native Slovakia.

The man will be taken to Westminster today to appear before magistrates for an extradition hearing.

If permission to extradite is granted he will be held under European Arrest in secure accommodation for deportation to Slovakia to be questioned by authorities there.

The European Arrest warrant was created in 2004 and applies to all member states in Europe.

It allows members to request the detention and return of an individual wanted for offences in the home country and can only be issued for offences which could potentially carry a prison sentence of more than 12 months in prison.

Detective Inspector Vanessa Smith of Bradford District Police, said: “Bradford Officers have established links with the Slovakian Consulate in London which enabled police to identify this man as wanted on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving in Slovakia.

“As a result of Bradford Police’s relationship with the Slovakian Consulate and Slovakian Police, efforts to bring this man to justice were successful. Consequently a European Arrest Warrant was raised by the Slovakian authorities allowing Bradford Police to effect his arrest. This is an example of how Bradford Police are committed to tackle suspected criminality no matter where the offender may come from and an example of the thoroughness of the Police enquiry.

“This should send a clear message to those in the district who are wanted for offences elsewhere that we will arrest them and deliver them to answer to the relevant authorities. “