Brand new YouGov research commissioned by has revealed that according to the GB public, the biggest cause of medical compensation claims is overworked doctors and nurses. The survey showed a staggering 62 per cent of the population believe doctors in the UK are overworked, and 21 percent believe this to be the biggest cause of overworked doctorsmedical compensations claims in the UK. A link to the full YouGov survey can be found here.

Whilst the precarious climate surrounding the future of the NHS remains in the media spotlight, the survey results show the public’s concerns on the current NHS working conditions and overall support for the doctors and nurses.

As ministers impose new contracts on the junior doctors after the biggest strike action in years, managing director of John Quail is calling on the decision makers and administrators to take into account the overwhelming public support for NHS doctors and nurses.

“The results from this survey are conclusive; the majoinfographic overworked doctorsrity of the British population see the doctors and nurses in the UK as overworked; so much so that they believe it to be the main cause of compensation claims, which are necessary for those who have been a victim of medical negligence or poor care”.

Only six per cent of those surveyed in the GB wide opinion poll believe doctors and nurses are underworked, and 19 per cent believe the work load is ‘about right’. When asked about what they thought to be the biggest cause of medical compensation claims, lack of hospital equipment delivered the lowest response, with 11 per cent citing that as the main cause. Inadequate training of staff received 14 per cent rating of those surveyed, and lack of funding for hospital/staff was the main cause according to 14 per cent of respondents. Over a fifth (21 per cent) concluded that it was overworked doctors/nurses causing medical compensation claims.

“If medical care is sub-standard, compensation claims will follow as a necessary process to help support them and their families through a difficult period. That is not a luxury; it is an absolute right of every patient and citizen” concludes Quail.