Rekha-ji made an appearance on Big Boss last night in order to promote her upcoming release Super Nani. Whilst Salman Khan and the Big Boss contestants were ecstatic to see Rekha-ji, and had all prepared songs, dances and poems for her, one contestant did not share the same excitement.

rekha puneet issue

Puneet Issar the 63 year old actor famous for his villainous roles in films such as Yodha and having also appeared in Coolie, Krrish, Partner and Bachna Ae Haseeno received the cold shoulder from Rekha-ji. He awkwardly tried to converse with her through me-TV, the TV screen which allows Salman and his guests to speak to the BB contestants’ over the weekends, but Rekha-ji responded to him in a sarcastic manner which left Salman Khan in stitches.

Rekha-ji then entered the house to meet the contestants properly and awarded Sushant with one of her saris, but she did not greet Puneet properly and he also kept his distance from her whilst the other contestants drooled over her.

The awkwardness has stemmed from the incident that took place on the sets of Coolie, in which Puneet had accidentally punched Amitabh Bachan so hard causing him to gain a severe injury. Whilst many people have gotten over the 31 year old incident it seems that Rekha-ji still holds a grudge as everyone is aware that she was deeply in love with Amitabh in the past.