With just days to go for the release Akshay Kumar’s Raniganj, it’s been learnt that the makers of the film went out of the way to recreate the minefields of 1969.

Reports suggests that initially a group of individuals from the production team were dispatched to actual mining locations, upon finalising the location, a 40-foot-deep hole was excavated to create a tunnel that authentically resembled a coal mine.

Deepshikha Deshmukh, producer at Pooja Entertainment, shared her insights on the project, stating, “The biggest challenge was to narrate the tragic incident and bring it to life in a way that would make the world of Raniganj look real and relatable.

“The dedication of our Director Tinu ji and the amazing production designers Daya and Amrish and their teams was truly phenomenal – we sent the teams to Raniganj to study the mines, its topography, and bring back stencils to replicate the same feel. I am positive the tireless efforts of all the teams involved will truly be appreciated by the audience.”

Director Tinu Desai shed light on the process of recreating the era of “Mission Raniganj,” saying, “It was clear in my mind that I had to shoot the entire film in Raniganj. We had to create the era of 1989 when the mines were run by steam and not by engines. We visited 25 different coal mines and did extensive location scouting.

“In 2021, we finally found the perfect place where we thought we could create coal mines, as it also matched the era we were looking for. Since the location was finalized, the main challenge was to showcase the coal mine, and we had to create a different world in less time. But my production team did research, and we created the world in the allotted time.”

Raniganj, directed by Tinu Desai, starring Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra releases on 6 October 2023.