Residents have responded in their thousands to Bradford Council’s new waste collection rules. Following a successful launch in Keighley, the new policy was rolled out to the rest of the district earlier this month. The motive behind the changes was to improve recycling rates to avoid as much as possible expensive and environmentally damaging landfill dumping. The response has been impressive with 12,000 recycling bins ordered so far with up to 800 requests every day. Council staff may have to be called in from other services to cope with demand.
Although fixed penalty notices can be imposed on people who are deliberately and repeatedly flouting the new one general waste (green) bin per family, closed bin lids and no side waste policy, that is the last resort. Officers will provide advice and support to residents on how to improve household recycling ahead of formal action being taken.


Coun Imran Khan, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Environment, Sport and Sustainability, said: “We don’t want to come across as heavy-handed, nor is this a way of making money. People in Bradford will have plenty of time to adjust and get the bins they need.

“We just want people to help us recycle as much waste as possible which is a good thing all round. The policy changes are part of a determined drive to make people think more about recycling and the amount of waste we send for incineration and landfill.

“For environmental and economic reasons we have to increase our household recycling rates and to judge from the response we are getting, the new rules will help us achieve that aim. The more people recycle, the less space they will need in their general waste bin.”

Families with more than seven people can request a bigger residual waste bin. So far, 1,400 360L bins have been delivered and 100 requests are being received per day.

Anyone in the Bradford area wanting a free recycling (grey) bin can order one online at (