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Aashni Shah
Aashni Shah

Assistant movie Director, Editor for commercials and a Cinema enthusiast to the core- Aashni Shah is all that and a lot more! At the tender age of 22, she moved to London to study film making at the National film and Television school and MET Film School. Apparently destiny had different plans for her!

Today she sits pretty as the Founder and Director of Aashni & Co, one of London’s most sought after destinations for Luxury Indian Fashion. Her multi designer boutique and concept store set in the heart of London’s posh Notting hill area, boasts of the choicest Indian designer collection and couture.

She is all set to soar the temperatures high for the Indian fashion industry scene in London by organizing the biggest fashion wedding fiesta in the history of Indian fashion calendar events in UK. The show will see the likes of Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Kotwara by Meera and Mufazzar Ali, Anamika Khanna and a brigade of ace Indian fashion designers coming together to present their choicest collections in London for the most sought after and never before high end fashion wedding show event of the year. The hallmark event is scheduled to take place at the Dorchester, a luxury hotel located in the heart of London’s Mayfair On Park Lane. The show will be organized under the banner of Aashni & co in association with Zouch & Lamare. We caught up with the gorgeous lady herself to find out more about her exceptional journey and her preparations for the event.

Your first fashion show is a first of its kind in UK and set to be biggest Fashion event in the history of Indian fashion events in London. What was your motivation behind organizing the show on such a large scale?

The main purpose of organizing this show and bringing all the designers together is to give the brides a chance to meet the designers in person without having to travel all the way to India to shop for their wedding outfits and meet these celebrity designer’s .So the main motivation I would say is Accessibility which is the core of all that we do here at Aashni & co. by bringing the choicest collection for the top designers in India and reducing the gap between the brides and their favourite designers.

In what ways do you think the show is going to be different form the other wedding shows that are hosted in London and other parts of UK?

Sabyasachi  *Photo credit - Taras Taraporvala*
*Photo credit – Taras Taraporvala*

I think the main USP of our show is our EDIT. The fact that we are going to bring the best handpicked outfits from the top 15-20 designers ruling the fashion Industry scene in India is the highlight of the show. The bride scan met the designer’s in person, interact with them, take suggestions and enjoy a comfort level with their favourite designer’s.

How long have you been planning for the show. And how difficult or easy was to persuade the A list of designer sot come together for the show.

I think that was the most tricky part of the show and majority of my time has been spent in deciding suitable dates for the show, availability of the designers and making the coordination happen so that all can make it for the show .It is a very busy wedding season in India at present and it was very difficult to get everyone on board away from their hectic schedules’ have mainly been occupied with that. I have been planning the show since September last year when I visited India and met up with a lot of these designers.

How do you feel about getting the most coveted and sought after names in the Indian Fashion Industry under one roof for your show?

I am very excited about it no doubt. I think the fact that something like this has never happened before makes it very, very special and something to look forward to. It adds to the attraction of the event and is a huge opportunity for us at Aashni & Co.

What would be the main Theme/ Focus for the show?

The show would ofcourse mainly focus on Indian Bridal Wear but I think I would say the main theme for the show would be the Edit of the show ,something we pride ourselves on. The brand aesthetic would be our key focus here.

What Aashni Element can we expect from the show?

Manish Malhotra design *photo credit - Taras Taraporvala
Manish Malhotra  *photo credit – Taras Taraporvala

It will not be just any other wedding show but the one with the most selective top labels. There will not be more than 20 designer labels and they will be the crème of the Indian fashion spectrum. The show will be focussed on handpicked designs and outfits for the brides.

What would the guest list comprise of other than top designers? How many people are you expecting to accommodate?

We will be sending out invites to in-store clients, celebrities, key social figures, wives of famous industrialists and of course the media and the press. Anyone can attend the show by buying a ticket available for a minimal amount for the chance to meet the most visionary Indian designer’s. We are expecting a gathering of around 1000 people.

What are your expectations from the show?

I am super excited about the event. I am not sure why I never thought of doing something like this before. It all started with an Idea to organize an event where the brides could actually meet their favourite celebrity Indian designer’s in person and take their suggestions and advise on choosing the right outfits for themselves. From then on, I feel the whole thing has taken its own course and shape out for itself. We have just gone with the flow and have been so busy from day 1 till today that we really haven’t had a moment to stop and catch our breath. All the designers have been supportive and it is because e of them that we are able to organize such a show.

I think the main expectation would be personal satisfaction and organizing an event that is worth going to for the brides. Till now we have been catering to the slightly elite and rich Asians living nearby the store. The Professional Ideology is to generate awareness through this event and reach out to the masses. We hope to have more on our plate that we can handle. That would feel really good!

Do you intend to make the show an Annual event?

Yes, for sure. We intend to continue with it every year.

Rimple and Harpreet Narula  *Photo credit - Taras Taraporvala*
Rimple and Harpreet Narula
*Photo credit – Taras Taraporvala*












Tickets and pricing are as follows:

Tickets: £30 – General Admission

Website: <>

Store: Aashni + Co, 47 Ledbury Road, London W11 2AA

Via Email: <>

Via Tel: +44 207 985 0155

From 10th December: Also via Anand Pan Centre:

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