A recent report on unleaded fuel has identified Bradford as one of the cheapest places for petrol in the United Kingdom.

Don’t start running to fill up your cars just yet as it will still cost you around £81.94 for a 60 litre tank and £95.60 for a 70 litre tank.

The report was carried out by Santander, which revealed that some parts of the country are paying over a £100 as petrol costs look to spiral out of control.

Findings also showed some areas had a 5.5 per cent increase for a 70 litre tank in just two months. Meanwhile, a 60 litre engine showed an increase of £4.38 on top of consumer’s usual price.

Bradford, along with Torquay, Kirkcaldy, Plymouth and Wigan, can rejoice a little after figures showed that none of them pay more than £96, no matter the tank size.

The five most expensive places to fill up are Dumfries, Durham, Hereford, Crewe and Oxford.

Santander now estimates that motorists who drive 1,000 miles will now spend over £180 on petrol every month, which is £10 more than they would have paid in January.

Alan Mathewson, CEO Santander Cards, said: “With the cost of fuel expected to reach its highest level in the coming weeks, families and car commuters are likely to be the hardest hit once again. Aside from mortgage costs, households in the UK already spend more on transport than any other living cost, so further hikes may well push many family budgets over the edge.”

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