Cast: Vikrant Massey, Kriti Kharbanda, Gauahar Khan, Jameel Khan 

Director: Devanshu Singh

Platform: Zee5

Release Date: 23 July 2021

Rating: 3/5 stars

Bollywood rom com’s have always found a space in the hearts of audiences with the larger than life and often far-fetched, yet keeping that hopeless romantic in us alive. It’s this undying hope of finding our ‘happy ever after’ that makes us enjoy a good rom-com.

14 Phere is just that, a rom com but with a bit of a social attachment and as Kriti and Vikrant the main leads of the film have said ‘not preachy’.

14 Phere has released on OTT platform Zee5, is Directed by Devanshu Singh, written by Manoj Kalwani and has Vikrant Massey playing Sanjay and Kriti Kharbanda playing Aditi in the lead roles.

Sanjay is a Rajput boy hailing from Jahanabad, a place infamous for honour killings. He is in love with his college sweetheart, Aditi (Kriti Kharbanda) from Jaipur. She is a Jat and has a father and brother who would go to any extent to protect their family honour. Regardless of the dangers to their lives, Sanjay and Aditi are determined to get married. Their plan? To get a set of fake parents that will execute their ceremonies seamlessly. But when has any planned proposal in an Indian setting gone according to the plan?

The idea proposed by Sanjay is simple — project Aditi as a Rajput girl to Sanjay’s parents and portray Sanjay as a Jat boy to Aditi’s parents. Hence, two weddings are planned, post which Aditi and Sanjay plan to elope to the US.

The plot may sound a little far fetched at times, but all is forgiven as the flawed characters make the story believable, and to add to it is the performances from the cast, who have really shone in this social comedy.

14 Phere begins well, with decent screenplay and good direction by Devanshu Singh and that’s enough to grab you in for an entertaining ride.

In the first half we see the transition of Sanjay and Aditi’s relationship from college lovers, to a live-in relationship. They also manage to get a job together at the same firm. The second half is where the story takes a completely new direction.

Gauhar Khan, who has done a brilliant job and will really surprise you in her avatar as the ‘Meryl Streep of Delhi’ and Jameel Khan who is certainly a versatile performer play the fake parents.

What works for the film, is that while we may be expecting a series of comedy of errors to follow, the story actually brings in some really pertinent moments, such as the moments between Aditi and her mother-in-law after her first marriage ceremony. They bring out the reality of how beautiful our Indian wedding traditions are in bringing together the bond of a new bride with her new family, but at the same time the realisation of caste. It’s a clever message of how amazing life can be, between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law when there are not boundaries of caste or class.  The way Sanjay (Vikrant) looks on at the new relationship between his wife and mother has also been very well captured.

Vikrant and Kriti are amazing to watch, they bring lots of screen presence and make a really adorable couple. The performance of every actor in the movie is a treat to watch and can be the USP of the movie. Also, the music of the movie enhances the viewing experience.

The film is a total family entertainer, and you should go in with just that expectation.

14 Phere is a fun-filled movie with many humorous moments, not your typical family drama, but plenty of elaborate wedding scenes, and some upbeat songs. Watch it if you enjoy rom coms.