Title song for ”Ghoomer” starring Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami Kher is out now!

True to its name, ‘’Ghoomer’’ will have you dancing to every beat.

The music video opens with Abhishek Bachchan roaming alone in a cricket stadium at night, with the chants ‘’Ghoomer’’ echoing in his ear.

On cue, the scene cuts of to show Saiyami’s silhouette in broad daylight as she enters the cricket stadium for her match.

Transitioning between Abhishek and Saiyami respectively in the stadium, the music video captures the true essence of the overwhelming feeling both characters feel in that moment.

Saiyemi as she prepares for the big event, looking around people in the stadium who are waving the flag of India while Abhishek just vibes to the rhythm of  music

Further ahead in the video, we see flashbacks of Saiyemi as she trains for her big match with the help of her coach Abhishek and how all that hardwork ultimately leads to her being in the stadium for the match.

Despite being only 1:50 minute long, the song is enough to captivate you with its enduring lyrics by Kausar Munir and enchanting vocals by Dipakshi Kalita|

Profound classic folk music by Amit Trivedi enhances the depth of the lyrics, making it more beguile while transporting the listener to another dimension.

The song is definitely telling a story and a powerful one indeed, let’s wait and see what other songs does the film has to offer!

Watch the song here