By Ninder Kaur

The most highly anticipated Bollywood blockbuster has hit the big screens . Happy New Year, the action packed comedy-drama film starring the king of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and his female sidekick Deepika Padukone along with a platoon of other familiar faces;  Abhishek BachchanBoman IraniVivaan ShahSonu Sood and Jackie Shroff. The film that released on Diwali- 23 October will have you laughing and cringing at the same time as director Farah Khan skilfully sets up a heist plot against a dance competition scenario in this year’s Happy New Year.


Shah Rukh Khan (8-pack abs)plays Charlie, who secretly puts together a deadly team of down on their luck losers to help him steal millions of pounds worth of diamonds  from a rich diamond dealer (Jackie Shroff), who is responsible for framing his father in a fake robbery.

The team consists of avenger Charlie, a safe expert (Boman Irani), young hacker (Vivaan shah), a drunken vomiting loser (Abhishek Bachchan), and a hot-headed ex-army man (Sonu Sood). Introduction and background stories alone takes us an hour into the film where we then come across a bar dancer (Deepika Pudukone) who is recruited by the team to teach them some dance moves to help them go undercover in the World Dance Championship.  Regardless of her sinful dancing, Deepika’s character really excels in being the very like-able heroine that manages to win over all of our hearts.


In terms of the story- line, it leaves you to question whether director Farah Khan’s idea was an original one. The movie that is already raking in millions worldwide is a cross between Oceans’ Eleven and the Fast and Furious franchise, with a burst of extra added song and dances of course. And the resemblance is easily recognisable within only a couple of minutes into the film.

Like every Bollywood film everything was very predictable from the outset.  You knew that there was going to be some sort of revengeful back story plan taking place, an emerging love story all bound together with the importance of friendship, and it was all going to be very long-winded.

With that being said, the movie was an incredible spectacle which was over the top, loud and blindingly bright. However, for a film of which dance is so integral to its plot, I would have liked it if the musical set pieces and dance routines could have been a bit more apparent and creative as opposed to Shah Rukh Khan’s abs getting most of the limelight. Yes, that’s right. It seems that for the first time in an Indian film there was more male skin on display than female.  Abs and biceps and unbuttoned shirts were out in full force thanks to Shah Rukh and Sonu.


Despite the absence focused around the dance routines HNY has some really good dance floor bangers, Lovely and Dance like a Chammiya and of course every Bollywood film a patriotic track (Indiawaale) can never go amiss.

At nearly three hours long, the film has managed to achieve what it set out to do and that was to entertain the masses and it has done a great job at doing that.

Based on lack of originality, this movie managed to reign itself back on its comedic scenes that had me rolling around in my seat and for that I would like to give this film a ***/***** rating.