Teaser for Sushmita Sen’s ‘Taali’ is finally here!

The teaser commences with the enchanting voice of Sushmita, introducing herself as ‘Gauri Sawant,’ dressed elegantly in a grey saree with a yellow blouse, adorned with a gajra on her bun.

With grace, she adjusts her saree’s pallu and wears a pendant of ‘Sai Baba’ while applying a striking red bindi on her forehead, observing herself in the mirror.

In a poignant voiceover, the actress portrays the multifaceted identities that Gauri embodies, ranging from being labelled as ‘Hijra,’ ‘social worker,’ ‘nautanki,’ to a ‘gamechanger.’

The story revolves around her remarkable journey, encapsulating the struggles and achievements. The essence of the narrative is expressed in the catchphrase, “Gaali se Taali Tak.”

The teaser showcases Gauri on stage, surrounded by an appreciative audience, blessing other transgenders who respectfully bow down to her. Rituals are performed by other transgenders as they pour water on Gauri while she sits in contemplation with her bare upper half, adorned with turmeric on her cheeks and hands.

The trailer then transitions to Gauri in a short hairstyle, dressed in pants and a shirt, holding a travel bag and an application form. She stands amidst two lines – one for women and another for men – reflecting the confusion that transgenders often face while officially identifying their gender.

Gauri is shown fearlessly expressing, “Jo log apni asliyat dikhane se darte hai na, wo kabhi jeette nahi babu” (Those who fear revealing their true selves never truly win, my dear). She dances passionately with fellow transgenders, united in their fight for the recognition of the third gender, emphasizing their desire for self-respect, dignity, and freedom.

The teaser concludes with a scene of police barricades, where a foreign lady asks Gauri, “Are you ready to go?” to which she responds joyfully, “bachpan se” (since childhood). Gauri then urges the police officials to keep their guns away, showcasing her unwavering determination and conviction.

While not much can be said during a 47 second trailer, one thing for sure is that this series will be one for the books.

With Sushmita Sen’s flawless acting and the strong storyline, this will be remembered for generations to come.

The series features a stellar cast, including Ankur Bhatia, Aishwarya Narkar, Hemangi Kavi, Suvrat Joshi, Krutika Deo, Nitish Rathore, Meenakshi Chugh, and Shaan Kakkar in pivotal roles.

Don’t miss the premiere of ‘Taali’ on 15 August!!

Watch teaser here: