With the last EU debate ahead of the vote on June 23 falling on the longest day of the year in 2016, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan successfully kept his fast until the sun went down, despite his strong involvement in the heated debate.

Mr Khan, who has talked openly about his Muslim faith and his observance of fasting during the month of Ramadan, did not drink any water or eat for more than 19 hours.

He shared his enthusiasm for the evening with his twitter followers, commenting ‘Enjoyed making the positive case sadiq khan tweetto stay in the EU on . And yes – I did break my fast on stage

The current Mayor of London argued on the side of the Remain campaign at the debate, and clashed with former Mayor of London Boris Johnson directly several times, saying: ‘“The problem is this, Boris. You might start off by saying how wonderful immigration is. But your campaign hasn’t been Project Fear, it’s been Project Hate as far as immigration is concerned.”

Boris Johnson hit back at this, saying that he was “a passionate believer in immigration, but it has got to be controlled”.

Sadiq Khan was praised by followers on Twitter, with one, ‘@volunteerjackie’ commenting: ‘@ for someone who had nothing to eat or drink for hours, you were supercharged! Well done

Another fellow fasting follower, ‘@JustYAMuslim’, commented: ‘ Brilliant performance. Great example of fasting and still getting the job done big time!!’

The debate, which featured six prominent campaigners on stage in Wembley Stadium, was the last televised debate ahead of the EU Referendum vote on June 23.