By Ninder Kaur
Bollywood might have tried many visual treatments but having a medieval-themed song is a first. And what’s more, the song is not for a new track but a classic yet funky take on the smash hit “Saturday Night”.


This much anticipated track in Bangistan, stars the beautiful Jacqueline Fernandez. Director Karan Anshuman admitted how the inspiration behind the track was apparently taken from traditional Polish culture and the Dark Ages and the song promises to go the whole nine yards with old European castles and knights.


The design team for this medieval song seems to have done a fantastic job with the props and the other elements. The swords and other Middle Age gear are artistic and life-like while Jacqueline Fernandez’s costume is simply breathtaking and inspired from the princess’ of yore.

“Saturday Night” is not only a treat to listen to but to watch as well.

Check out the link to the video here 

The movie  is slated for release on July 31st.