In August 2018, a 6-year-old boy died after choking to death at a Mosque where they were not adequately trained in first aid.

Yunis Malik Hadi was at the South London Islamic Centre waiting to get collected when he ate a snack and chocked and collapsed.

An inquest was advised the Mosque didn’t have a defibrillator and regardless of efforts from employees and paramedics he couldn’t be resuscitated.

This caused concern and fury amongst the community, leading local authorities and parents demanding right training to be given to employees and staff members.

Waheed Hussain, Director of Code Red Paramedical

Now, a new first-aid organisation which offers the necessary practical skills needed in an emergency situation is providing training to a number of businesses, mosques and restaurants in Bradford and around the UK.

Code Red Paramedical was introduced in 2016, by Waheed Hussain, who wanted to implement the importance of good health and safety to all employees and staff members in any organisation to prevent future deaths.

After 18 years of experience within the Ambulance service, Waheed runs Code Red Paramedical alongside his day job as a paramedic.

The 40-year-old highlights the vital need for first-aid in local institutions, “”Employers have responsibility to provide good health and safety for their employees and First Aid is part of this.

“Safety must be paramount to all Mosques, so providing adequate care to everyone entering should be a priority”.

A number of local businesses in and out of Bradford have been involved and participated in the first-aid training such as Shimlas, Regal Bakery, Nafees Bakery, KCB, Akbar’s, Al-Murad,  Raising Explorer’s as well as local faith institutions such as Al-Hikam Institute, Al-Qalam Academy, Madni Masjid. Al-Mahadul and Crystal Gardens.

Aweis Asghar from Raising Explorers said: “Our First Aid training was delivered by Code Red Paramedical. It was really engaging and the trainer made us feel comfortable. Being an experienced Paramedic it was very informative and resourceful. A true expertise in his field. All staff enjoyed the 2 days and we truly recommend this to others requiring training.”

Gurdev, Akbar’s Operations manager said: “Thanks to the staff at Code Red, many Akbar’s branches got their First Aid training. His experience and teaching skills helped us and gave us confidence to deal with emergencies. We will definitely use him again”.

The training is accredited by Federation of First Aid Training Organisations (FOFATO) and First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) and gives essential training to any emergency situation involving children, babies and adults.

The team consists of both men and women, from the NHS service, and includes training for first-aid, health and safety, safe-guarding, manual handling, event covers.

In a situation where so many children are contained for the purpose of education, it is essential that senior members around comply to similar if not the same policies and procedures of health and safety that a school does.

First-Aid is a skill that can be performed at home, workplace and in public locations, so if more people are trained, there are advantages to the community.

First Aid is a life skill, where you learn about preserving life, preventing people getting worse, promoting recovery.  It not only benefits you but also family, friends, co workers and the community. Knowing you have the skills to make a difference during in an emergency is invaluable.

Unfortunately accidents and injuries can not be truly unavoidable but not having the skills or knowledge and standing as a bystander will not help the situation, but worsen it.

Akbar’s team members with CodeRed Paramedical

Waheed Hussain says: “With over 100 Madrassahs in Bradford that’s thousands of children attending. Parents entrust institutions to keep their children safe at all times. Children are vulnerable and teachers must have the skill to deal with emergencies without affecting safeguarding.

“It is better to know First Aid and not need it than to need First Aid and not know it”.

For more information about Code Red Paramedical call 07929031333 or email