simoncolLet’s Be Positive
After a very busy week in the Asian Sunday office, with new members joining the Bradford team and the final plans being sorted for the London launch, I finally get the chance to sit down and write my column.
This edition we have covered a lot of positive stories from around the district and what better time to do it than on the eve of Positive Bradford Day (September 28).
Bradford has been given a lot of flack over the years by the national media, the majority of which has been unfair.
I was at an event last week when I heard a councillor slam the media for always coming to Bradford to film a documentary or write a story when something bad happens anywhere else in the country.
This is true when you look back on events over the years and it has affected people’s views of Bradford and the people who live here.
The problem is, when you hear so much negativity on the outside, some of that begins to creep in.
After going around Bradford on several occasions speaking to local residents, quite a few have negative remarks about the city. Yes, we all know of the big hole in the ground (Westfield) and we all hope to see some progress on the site by the end of year.
Bradford has its fair share of problems, but what place doesn’t in the United Kingdom. We are not the only ones with boarded up shops.
The city has played host to a large number of success events this year, including Bradford Festival, World Curry Festival, BBC’s Bollywood Carmen and more. I think, on a whole, that Bradford has provided some very uplifting occasions this year.
City Park has proved to be quite the venue and even throughout the Summer, hundreds have flocked to enjoy the scenery or take a dip in the Mirror Pool.
As the Summer sun seems long gone now, with the random bursts of rain we seem to be having, the month of October still looks to bring in even more fun for Bradford residents with a number of free events that I am really looking forward to.
One of the most exciting events is called “As The World Tipped” (October 5) which is told through aerial theatre, meaning performers will be suspended above the audience. Not to mention for all you young science fans, Bradford Science Festival 2013 is back (October 19).
I would also like to add how pleased I am to see my hometown of Keighley seeing a positive boost to its shopping experience.
The town has seen a number of new shopping outlets with the returning Pound Stretcher (after the original was burnt down), and Pets At Home and TK Maxx replacing JJB and Comet at Keighley Retail Park.
We also just got news of the old AMF/Holywood Bowl site has been given planning permission for Dunelm Mills to refurbish the site.
This is promising news for two prime areas of Keighley that have been neglected for some time, while developments on the Worth Valley Shopping Centre seem to have stalled.
I think people are beginning to think positive about the whole of district these days and I hope that is something we can maintain into the future, despite the on-going problems we face.
We need to remember the District has a lot to offer, not just to residents but to visitors from afar. As our transport links increase due to the great work at Leeds Bradford Airport, I think we shall see more and more coming to see what Bradford & District is really like.
As I said before, Positive Bradford Day is fast approaching with a celebration of everything the city has to ever. It would be great to see the city come together on this day, celebrate all the good things Bradford has to offer and most importantly, to enjoy yourself. Hope to see you on September 28.

Until next time…