Families around the region have been urged to raise awareness of the Syrian crisis by spending a night out in nature.

The campaign from Manchester based charity Human Appeal marks the tenth anniversary of the conflict which has killed hundreds of thousands and displace many more. Thousands of Syrians have been forced to spend the last ten years in makeshift accommodation in poorly equipped camps.

The charity asked supporters to spend a night out in a tent or under the stars or anywhere else which is not their bedroom and share their experiences on social media with the hashtag: #SleepOutForSyria.

One of the people answering the call was North Leeds mum Naggina Asaf and her children Mariya and Muhammad.

“I took part in Sleep Out for Syria because I wanted to do something to show solidarity with the millions of Syrians who don’t have any choice but to sleep in the worst conditions,” said Naggina. “I loved seeing so many people taking part and it gives me hope that after ten years of war the world can come together to try and stop the suffering.”

Human Appeal has been working in Syria since the beginning of the conflict carrying food, emergency provisions, water, sanitation and hygiene aid. They also run the Al Imaan Hospital for Women and Children which often carries out life saving operations and provides a refuge for expecting mothers.

“This small act of solidarity with the Syrian people will have such a huge impact if more and more people get involved. While we eat, sit and sleep in our homes, there are millions of Syrians for whom home is a distant memory, and a generation of children is being born whose only idea of home is a makeshift tent,” said Human Appeal CEO Dr Mohamed Ashmawey.

“I am encouraged when I see people Sleeping out for Syria, and I look forward to Human Appeal being able to bring change to even more lives in Syria as a result.”

To take part in the campaign all you have to do is spent the night out and about and share your experiences on social media with the hashtag #sleepoutforsyria.