The launch of a new show Desi Kitchen, produced by AS TV, saw a special guest cooking up a spicy feast in the new kitchen studio.

Natalie low res desi kitchenNatalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, donned an apron to make one of her favourite dishes – sweet potato, chick pea and red lentil curry, as she was quizzed by presenter Aunty K.

The Asian Sunday family is expanding with a new venture into television. AS TV, an internet channel, is set to appear on a screen near you with cooking and tasting, regular chat, good talking points, special guests, a tasting panel audience and of course resident hostess Aunty K.

There will also be a chance for you to join us at the kitchen studio at future regular shows.

The show is based on a home-grown atmosphere of the Desi Kitchen, filmed in the heart of Bradford, where special guests, will be quizzed as they join in with cooking alongside Aunty K – whose character will be instantly familiar as everyone’s favourite aunty.

You know, the one at family gatherings who takes over control of the kitchen and makes everyone taste her curry, as she makes perfectly round roti, which is of course better than anyone else’s.

Natalie Bennett said: “It is a pleasure to be here in the Desi kitchen today, at the launch of the new show. I decided to make sweet potato, chick pea and red lentil curry as it is one of my favourite dishes.

“Admittedly, my partner Jim does most of the cooking at home, as he is very good at it. I am often home late after meetings.”

Australian born Ms Bennett recalled how she lived in Thailand for five years in her 20s when her taste for tantalising, fresh and spicy food was developed. While there, she worked for the Bangkok Post and later became editor of the Guardian weekend supplement in London.

The former journalist, who also studied to be a food scientist, and had an interest in good food and a healthy lifestyle, said she preferred her food in a mild to medium spice range adding: “This really is a tasty dish. It is a first for me to cook on camera, and could be quite pressured if things don’t go right, but happily it worked out well.”

She enjoyed making rotis under the watchful eye of Aunty K, who asked Ms Bennett all kinds of probing questions, includingnatalie and Aunty K desi Kitchen all about her role as a political leader and how she became one, plus about her time away from work and her favourite foods.

Special guests in the panel audience included Bradford born businesswoman and entrepreneur Farnaz Khan, founder of Fit Britches and Dragon’s Den participant. She said: “It is wonderful to be here at the Desi Kitchen, taste the good food and hear good talking points.”

Other panellists, who enjoyed taste-testing the curry, included family solicitor Tahira Rahman and political activist Arshad Ali, former leader of Bradford’s Respect party.

Fatima Patel, managing editor of Asian Sunday Newspaper and Asian Style magazine, added: “It is a delectable chat show, over a bit of cooking, food and fun. The Desi Kitchen is especially for those of you who love their food, like I do. We have a special treat in store as we look forward to sending an open invite where you will be able to come and join us for some live cooking at our kitchen studio in the heart of Bradford city centre.

Guests at pilot Desi Kitchen episode“My team and I are looking forward to sharing amazing desi cuisine along with some banter with our wonderful guests, plus we will help you get equipped with the best desi kitchen accessories for all you wonderful cooks, even for those of you who can’t cook.”

Subscribe to Asian Sunday TV on YouTube to view the pilot episode of the The Desi Kitchen on Monday 2nd May at 1pm.

Good cooks are being sought to appear on the show and make their own tasty dish as they chat. Please email if you want to be one of them.

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