The love of cricket is shared amongst many, especially South Asians. Whether it be playing or watching the sport, or supporting a favourite cricket player South Asians are known to be extremely passionate about cricket.

Four friends; Tahir, Abu Bakr, Bilal and Shoaib also share this same love and passion. They began the Tabs cricket club, named after the initial letters of their names, in August 2013. Since then the cricket club has been running rather successfully and they currently have on board 35 players registered for their senior cricket team and 15 players for their junior’s cricket team.

cricketDespite the rising success of the club, funding and support is still required to help them grow and develop. As such the Tabs organsation have already received support from MyLahore and Janan and 30 families have supported the organsation with their children playing for them, but they say “There are still insurmountable obstacles in our way and in order to overcome these we request the leading Businessmen, Entrepreneurs and Inspirational personalities to step up and be part of a motivational dedicated and community support organisation. With our hard work and your support we are 100% sure this will be a successful venture leading to success.”

The Tabs organsation, which stands for friendship, love and unity, started as a Cricket club to engage the community in a healthy activity. They have cricket teams playing in tow of the top cricket leagues of West Yorkshire. And they have three ECB qualified coaches to deal with cricket coaching for senior and junior teams. They say “Our main objective and aim is to take part in different competitions and win the titles in order to accommodate as many willing and desiring individuals and youth players in our club and affiliate them with the beautiful sport, Cricket.”

By only focussing on the cricket they would have narrowed the choices for youngsters with different set of skills and likeness. This is why TABS started junior and senior football teams. On the team there are 14 registered players in the senior team and they are working on their athletic teams to take place in 2015-16.

Tabs have participated in senior and juniors marathon races last year with seven participants from the club. Since then they have changed the name from TABS Cricket Club to TABS Youth club to open up different dimensions. This will help them to encourage youngsters to participate in sports and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The find out more about the club head to their Facebook page – Tabs Cricket Club.