Although Pakistani footballers are enjoying success on the continent through players such as Mohammed Adil and Kaleemullah to name but a few, sadly for their national team things are going from bad to worse.

The Asian side whose last game was against Yemen a year ago, have really struggled with issues off the field. Due to the current issues, Pakistan has now dropped to the very lowly position of 190th in the FIFA world rankings.

Whatever the exact issue with Pakistani football is at this current moment, players such as Kaleemullah and Mohammed Adil are suffering as a result. One of the reasons for the national team’s current state of affairs is the lack of a competitive domestic league.

Pakistan seems to love to play ‘catch up’ in regards to sporting events, which is lucky as that’s exactly what they’re going to have to do now. Coaches such as Majid Shafiq coming over from England to manage Pakistani clubs like Karachi Electric has helped somewhat, but more is needed.

It’s not the talent that appears to be the problem in Pakistani football – the problem seems to lie with the behind the scenes politics. If this is indeed the case then let us hope the Pakistani FA can get their act together and sort this out soon, before any more talented players suffer as a result of Pakistan’s lack of game time.