A TikTok influencer, her mother and a group of associates on 1 September were sentenced at Leicester Crown Court for their involvement in the killing of two men on the A46 in Leicestershire.

Saqib Hussain and Hashim Ijazuddin, both 21, were killed when their car was forced off the road in a deliberate collision instigated by Ansreen Bukhari (46) and her daughter Mahek Bukhari (24).

Image – Seat Leon car damage close view
Image: CPS

The two planned the attack, along with helpers Rekan Karwan (27), Raees Jamal (23), Natasha Akhtar (23), Ameer Jamal (28) and Sanaf Gullemmustafa (23), after a relationship between Mr Hussain and Ansreen Bukhari ended acrimoniously. The group first lured Mr Hussain, driven by his friend Mr Ijazuddin, to a supermarket car park in Leicester, before pursuing them onto the A46, where they forced the collision that killed both men.

After a three-month trial at Leicester Crown Court, Ansreen and Mahek Bukhari, along with Karwan and Raees Jamal were found guilty of murder. Akhtar, Ameer Jamal and Gulemmustafa were found guilty of manslaughter. An eighth defendant, Mohammed Patel, was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter.

They were sentenced today as follows:

  • Ansreen Bukhari: Life imprisonment with a minimum term of 26 years and 9 months for two counts of murder
  • Mahek Bukhari : Life imprisonment with a minimum term of 31 years and 8 months for two counts of murder
  • Raees Jamal: Life imprisonment with a minimum term of 31 years for two counts of murder, with an additional five years to complete a previous sentence for rape
  • Rekan Karwan: Life imprisonment with a minimum term of of 26 years and 10 months for two counts of murder
  • Natasha Akhtar: 11 years and 8 months for two counts of manslaughter
  • Ameer Jamal: 14 years and 9 months for two counts of manslaughter
  • Sanaf Gulemmustafa: 14 years and 10 months for two counts of manslaughter.

Arinder Ahmed from the CPS said: “This was a planned, cold-blooded killing, conceived and executed for entirely selfish motives. Rather than face up to the consequences of her affair, Ansreen Bukhari turned to her daughter and put together this conceited plan to silence Mr Hussain.

“Throughout the investigation and trial both mother and daughter have continuously used lies and deceit to try and evade responsibility for these killings. They and the other defendants the two of them recruited have now been held accountable for their criminal actions.

“These defendants showed complete disdain for the lives of Hashim Ijazuddin and Saqib Hussain and have shown little or no remorse for their actions.

“Words cannot describe how the events surrounding the death of Saqib and Hussain have impacted on their families’ lives. One can only imagine how difficult the tragic loss of life for their families and loved ones must be to come to terms with. I hope the end to the court case can now help them with this process.

“I would like to take this moment to offer the families my heartfelt sympathy for their loss.”