By Ninder Kaur

Split ends are common and, sadly, unavoidable. However, here are some simple changes you can make to your hair routine to prevent them from making an unsightly appearance.


Change The Way You Shampoo

When applying shampoo and conditioner, concentrate on the products that highlight strengthening the ends. By simply changing to strengthening shampoos and conditioners you will definitely start to see results.
The shampoo strengthens strands while the conditioner binds split ends together to lessen the appearance of breakage.


Brush Gentlysplit ends

Hair experts advise that we should brush our hair on a daily basis in order to distribute the natural oils evenly threw out the hair, from scalp to ends.
Brushing your hair when wet can cause breakage if you’re not careful. Make sure to detangle strands with a wide-tooth comb.
When removing tangles gently brush hair from bottom to the top, in order not to create any static or frizz which can cause breakage.


Disguise with oil

Frizz makes breakage look more noticeable. Hair oils applied throughout strands or even just at the ends smooth out breaks and create a more even-looking finish. Apply argan oil from the mid shaft to the ends, because that’s where most breakage, and spit ends occur.


Avoid the heat when possible

Over-styling with curling irons and straighteners is the main cause of split ends. Apply a leave-in hairdryconditioner to protect your hair from the heat. When it comes to blow-drying, try to aim the nozzle at the roots and the mid-shaft because the tips of hair burn more easily. If you are not in a rush just simply let your hair air-dry.