Council contractors will begin transforming unused land into a community garden on Scotchman Road.

The demand for the Council-owned allotments off Toller Lane has dropped in recent years, resulting in the site becoming overgrown and causing concern for people.

Now Toller ward councillors Amir Hussain, Arshad Hussain and Imran Hussain, have agreed to money from the Area Action Planning fund being put towards the first phase of creating a community garden, due to commence on January 20.

Local residents have been consulted on the proposals and have given their approval to the work, which will be done in several phases.

Bradford Council’s landscape, design and conservation team has designed the garden and the Council’s highways maintenance team will carry out phase one which will include clearing the site, landscaping, marking out pathways and fencing off the remaining working allotments from the community garden.

Councillor Imran Hussain, Deputy Leader of the Council, said: “We have had a very positive response from the residents, with some showing a strong interest in getting involved. We plan to involve local primary school children in phase two of the project, which will provide an important local amenity for people to enjoy and make the area safer and greener for everyone.

“We are delighted that pupils from Margaret McMillan and Lilycroft Primary Schools are already working regularly on the allotments, growing their own food and keeping fit. These and other local schools are also working with residents and the Allotments Association to put together ideas for the site. St Cuthbert’s is one school that has expressed a commitment to be involved.”

Phase two will also see the paths finished, trees planted and benches installed. Bradford Council’s Toller ward co-ordinator and allotments officer are supporting Bradford district empowerment network (CNet) and Bradford Community Environment Project (BCEP) in their application for funding for phase two.