Following the unruly reports of Bradford’s 2018 Bonfire night, many of the districts residents and businesses dreaded this years bonfire night for obvious reasons.

Last year there were reports of youngsters attacking a pub, police and fire crew. Reports indicated that Police had spent around £120,000 supporting firefighters on potentially dangerous call outs across Bradford District during bonfire night.

This year however, residents had, had enough and grouped together to bring teams of volunteers in various Wards to patrol the streets during bonfire night and work closely with the council and emergency services to ensure streets were safe and everyone has a safe and enjoyable bonfire.

Tactical Commander at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, for the Bonfire period, Benjy Bush said: “The majority of people celebrated safely however there were unfortunately some incidents of reckless behaviour with fireworks across West Yorkshire including attacks on fire engines which we condemn.

“The level of attacks has been fewer than in some recent years – but any attack on our crews who are working hard to keep the public safe is one too many.

“However, what we’d really like to focus on is the vast majority of the public who celebrated safely, whether it was attending an organised bonfire or hosting small celebrations at home. We would also like to thank our partner agencies, community volunteers and community leaders who have pulled together supporting us around the bonfire period.”

PC Chris Cahill, who covered Outer City during Bonfire night, also confirmed that the majority of people celebrated safely and call outs compared to last year were much less. He said: I am pleased with our Bradford response and the help of the community volunteers, which has led to reasonable success in outer City on bonfire night this year”

Our Editor, took to the streets and community hubs on bonfire night to find out exactly what was happening on the ground and how much work volunteers, emergency services and the council put in, which led to a relatively safe bonfire night.