Syria Counts a platform which is dedicated to telling the stories of the Syrian conflict, both good and bad has released a video about a Bradford man dubbed as ‘Syrian Santa’.

Syrian Santa, Nazim Ali, has been raising money over the past five consecutive years and has been taking the donations across to the Turkish Syrian border in a bid to help with the humanitarian crisis. He has run marathons and climbed mountains (sometimes whilst fasting for Ramadan) to personally raise more than £100,000.

The money has been vital in helping change the lives of Syrian people, such as helping to provide baby milk – instead of mother’s having to give their babies sugar mixed in with water. The money has also helped in supporting schools with stationary, school bags for children and providing sporting equipment such as skipping ropes and basket balls.

In the video Nazim discusses the importance of raising money safely and in the right way to help other communities both at home and abroad.