In a momentous feat, Indian comedian Vir Das clinched the esteemed International Emmy Award for Best Comedy Series at a ceremony held in New York. This accolade marked Das’s second nomination and inaugural triumph on the global stage. The acclaimed comedian earned this honour for his Netflix stand-up special, Vir Das: Landing, sharing the recognition with the third season of the UK show Derry Girls.

Reflecting on his win at the International Emmy Awards, Vir expressed his exhilaration and gratitude, remarking, “This moment feels truly surreal an incredible honour that seems like a dream. Securing an Emmy for Vir Das: Landing in the Comedy Category isn’t just a personal milestone but a significant achievement for Indian comedy.

The resonance of Vir Das: Landing on a global scale is heartening, and I owe it to Netflix, Akash Sharma, and Reg Tigerman for making it extraordinary. My journey from crafting local tales to receiving a global accolade has been both arduous and fulfilling, with Netflix playing a pivotal role in my growth. I’m excited about delving deeper into diverse narratives, transcending from Noida to the International Emmys – India stands tall in this journey.

The award-winning stand-up special, Vir Das: Landing, has garnered widespread acclaim worldwide, contributing significantly to the elevation of Indian comedy in the international arena. The comedian expressed fervent enthusiasm for the exploration of multifaceted narratives, underscoring platforms like Netflix for amplifying Indian voices and stories to a global audience.

In his fourth Netflix special, Vir Das presented a show delving into the essence of true global citizenship while seeking a sense of belonging. It encapsulates carrying one’s homeland across borders, experiencing diverse cultures, navigating through personal challenges, societal intricacies, and the ever-evolving landscape of comedy, culminating in an ultimate sense of belonging.