Many residents have held a viewpoint on the way government spending should be prioritised and when and where the money should be spent more of or less; the public have now been given the opportunity to share these views at a meeting being held at City Hall this Thursday (November 6)

The Council faces more significant cuts in its budget and is holding a series of events this year and next so the people of the District can have some influence on how their money should be spent.

Bradford Council Leader, Coun David Green, said he wants to strike a ‘New Deal’ with the public.

He said: “We need to get people’s views on what they expect from their local services and how things can be done differently in the future in order to preserve those facilities they care about.

“We have already received some interesting comments and suggestions but still need to get more feedback.

“It’s really important that Council taxpayers have their say on what
really matters to them.”

At last week’s event in Bingley, participants said they cared most about education, support for vulnerable people, the cleanliness of the environment, their health and having a job.

Some felt that the Council budget should be devolved locally and that some things that the Council does now could be done by other groups, such as cultural events, and establishing “friends groups” to look after public spaces such as parks.

Because the Council has had to cut its spending by over £170 million since 2011, and the money for Council services is forecast to reduce by another £130 million between now and 2020, it is evident that Council services cannot continue as they currently stand.

To have your say, book a place at this Thursday’s meeting by logging on to or just turn up at 5.45pm.

Similar events are being held at Keighley Central Hall on 13 November; Kirkgate Centre, Shipley on 20 November; Thornbury Centre on 14 January; Richard Dunn Sports Centre, Odsal on 22 January; Clayton Village Hall on 28 January and the Clarke Foley Centre, Ilkley on 5 February.