Key changes are to be made to a roundabout on one of the major routes in to the city centre .

The major improvements on roundabout on Wakefield Road at the junction of Neville Road and New Hey Road include filling in the roundabout and subway and replacing them with a junction with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

The work, by Bradford Council, at this roundabout will increase the capacity and improve the control of through traffic at this major junction.

This work is also more cost effective in the long-term than the maintenance and upkeep of roundabout and subways which were in need of refurbishment and strengthening works.

In order to carry out the work the council has introduced a temporary speed limit order reducing the limit on the road from 40mph to 30mph for the duration of the work. The restriction will run from the junction with Neville Road for about 100m in a north westerly direction and for about 100m in a south easterly direction.

The scheme is due to start on site at the end of January and will continue until late summer.

There will be lane closures and diversions in place for the duration of the work on both carriageways of Wakefield Road and the roundabout itself.

Traffic disruption is unavoidable but will be minimised wherever possible during peak times.

A Bradford Council spokesperson, said: “When looking at the work that was needed to refurbish and strengthen the roundabout and subways it became clear that a better and more cost effective alternative was to take the opportunity to redesign the whole junction introducing traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

“The new junction will help to increase traffic capacity along Wakefield Road, it will also allow us to have greater control of the flow of traffic both into and out of the city centre helping to keep traffic moving during peak times.

“We will be installing pedestrian crossings to replace subways.

“We apologise for the disruption that this work will inevitably cause and we are working closely with our contractor and the Network Management team to look at how we can keep it to a minimum.”