You might think winter is not a good time to explore as it’s cold and gets dark early.
But there is always something to do in London and we can recommend you a few places to visit despite the cold temperatures. You’ll want to avoid attractions where you need to walk outdoors for a long time, such as the London Zoo and Kew Gardens. The cold will get to you and you’ll just want to end your visit quickly, missing out on many good things. Having said that, here are our recommendations.
Winter is the only time you can ice-skate outdoors in the capital. Try the moat of Tower Hill or Somerset House, two places well-known for their ice-skating rink.
Just as Paris is famous for its cabarets and Hollywood for Sunset Boulevard, London is synonymous with theatres. Pick the show or musical that you want to watch or alternatively, choose your theatre fi rst. A few famous ones: London Palladium, Shaftesbury Theatre, Theatre Royal, Royal Opera House and the Apollo Theatre.
Leicester Square in the heart of the West End very often plays host to world premiers with the movie stars themselves in attendance to promote their latest movies. Fans will queue up for hours come rain or snow just to see them. Maybe not the best time of the year to queue outside but if you find yourself around, why not hop over for a look? Alternatively, you can go to the IMAX on the south bank of the river to view a movie in 3D.
There are so many in London that a single stay will not suffi ce to see them all, especially when they are mostly free. Decide what kind of person you are – culture vulture, science nerd – and pick the museum that tickles your fancy. The British Museum is the biggest and will take more than on visit to explore completely.
Christmas Fairs and Markets
Several fairs and Christmas markets spring up over the capital in the runner-up to Christmas. Do a spot of shopping, go out with friends for a nice meal or have fun on one of the thrilling rides. Go to Hyde Park for the Winter Wonderland 2012.
Retail therapy is always a feel good factor in winter. Wrapped up in nice warm wooly coats and scarves.
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