ggGeorge Galloway has been the Respect MP  for Bradford West for the last two years and will be standing again in the upcoming election. Galloway has rendered mixed opinions among the public and The Asian Sunday set out to establish what the people of Bradford made of Galloway and whether they would be voting him back in in the May election; here’s what the public said:

Faisal Khan, unemployed – “Yes I would vote him back in. I like that he is not welcoming Israeli tourists into Bradford. He is keeping it an Israeli free zone as it should be.”

John Cooke, pensioner – “No I would not as I don’t like him. The things he has done and said explains it enough.”

Mark Watson, Photographer- “Not really, no. He was being a bit funny and I just don’t like him.”

Lindsey Nolan, Sales assistant – “He is an idiot. I don’t like him. I don’t like his policies. Ever since I saw him on Big Brother I didn’t like him.”

Fran Newman, Support worker – “His priority is not Bradford and it’s not Britain. I also don’t respect him as a man.”

Sabah Shahnaz, Waitress – “Yes I would vote for him as he is supportive with Palestine in the Israel-Palestine issue and we need more politicians supporting Palestine. Galloway also understands the needs of the minority people.”

Adnan Malik, teacher – “I would never vote for him as he is a liar and manipulates people into voting for him. He never does anything he says he will such as bringing back the Odeon so no, I would never vote him back in.”

Gurpreet Kaur, Bank worker – “No I would not vote for him as he talks about stuff such as Syria/Palestine etc which he has no control over, when he should be focusing on local issues and helping his constituents.”

Sophia Ahmed, receptionist – “I will be voting George Galloway to stand as our representative because I like his views on the Middle East, his unrelenting support for Palestine and his stance on non intervention in Syria last summer.”

Usaf Akhtar, Shop keeper – “Yes. I like the fact that he’s not in one of the 3 main parties, which I prefer.  I feel as though none of the 3 main parties represents me and my views but George Galloway does his best.”

Jessica Sandhu, student – “No. Definitely not. I think he’s hypocritical and inconsistent in his
politics and many people would agree.”

Zahid shah, teacher “I would vote for him as there aren’t any other MP’s in the area who looks to get Bradford heard, even though he hasn’t been very successful it’s been a huge improvement compared to having people represent us who struggle to speak English.”

Imran Khan, student “I would vote for him, because he is a good speaker and can debate on a very high level and can speak up for his constituents. But I feel after an Mp has been voted in they don’t have the time for their constituents and you have to wait weeks to see them. George Galloway all the Way. He’s a man with a plan.”

Saima Kauser, receptionist “I would vote for him as I love his party and their policies and views.”

Aisha Khan, social care worker “No I would not vote for him as he does not concentrate on his own constituency and constituents and instead focuses others interests. He only delivers false promises.”

Steven Hague, Socialist “No, I wouldn’t vote for him. I am a socialist but I don’t like George Galloway so I wouldn’t vote for him.”

Tracey Ingham, Nurse “Yes, I would vote for him. He helps out with all the communities in the Bradford. But there again, I would probably vote for anybody as long as they helping out others.” –          Harry, student “I don’t like him. He is too gobby. He doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. I have always been a Labour man so I will be voting Labour. He shouts the wrong people down. How he got into parliament I don’t know. He should be with the rest of the crew up there in Scotland, not here.”

Arfan, taxi driver “Yes I would vote for him. He is a good guy and I have voted for him before. He does speak out for the Muslim community whereas others wouldn’t.”

Kalsoom Sajid, care assistant “Yes. He supports the sort of stuff we support. He wants to fight the war in Israel for the right side and not the wrong side. He stands up for our rights. I do agree with a lot of the things he says.”

Simon Ward, business man “He is an absolute crook. He goes on about how he doesn’t want Israeli services or academics coming to our university and how he wants to keep Bradford an Israeli free zone. As a public figure, he should not be discriminating, especially in a city as multi-cultural as Bradford. We have welcomed all types of people. The guy needs to know about respect if he’s representing that party.

Mohammed Yaqoob, electrician “No I wouldn’t as he uses Muslims to get votes; he is very sly and tactile.”

Mohammed Sajjad “Yes I would vote for him because he helps the Muslims and speaks up for them.”