We asked the people of Bradford the following questions;


  • What do you make of the Green Party?
  • Would you vote for them?
  • Do they have a chance of winning in Bradford?


“I quite like their views but I worry whether they are going to get in or not. I strongly agree with what they believe so I just hope more people will back them. I am definitely considering voting for the Green Party. It is between them and Labour. We need to change the current government. I hope they have chance of winning in Bradford. I see quite a few of my friends on Facebook running campaigns here in Bradford, so it is good to see.” Sally Molenhuis, Community centre worker.


“I have not really looked into them. I don’t know who to support because they all do my head in. Green party have always been 4th or 5th place .Perhaps if they had more media coverage then more people would know about them and that way they could reign in more votes.” Waqas Ali, Student.


“I know only the very basic stuff about them and how they are based around environmental motivations. Because I don’t know a lot about them, I wouldn’t vote for them.” Anna, Museum Worker


“I am actually really excited to vote for the Greens this year. I am absolutely sick of the mess the two major parties have made of the country. I now believe that the Green Party are the only sensible left wing option. My family have been supporters for a while and we know the local Greens and agree with their views.” Hattie Palmer, Graduate


“Despite their very real political presence the Green party seems to be invisible which is real shame. I agree with their policies surrounding equality in the education and job sector. They seem very real and genuine in their approach compared to other political parties that lure you in and ignore everything that they stood for. I would vote for them because it is about time Bradford saw a change. Lia Ahmed, call centre worker


“I think they are a bit underrated here in Bradford. They need to be more public in their approach because not many people know about them. The Green Party is becoming more of a political force, I suppose as people become more fed up with mainstream parties then they will start voting the Greens. I would vote for them because we have seen the Lib Dems and Labour rule Bradford so it would be nice to see a change and see how they can tackle this role. Truthfully I don’t think they have a chance of winning here in Bradford but we can hope for the best.” Samantha Watson, bartender


“They are okay. They are minority party in a world that is dominated by money and finance and everything else. It is okay being green but by the same point the only thing important to people today is money. I do my fair share of trying to be green. I recycle etc. I don’t know if I would vote for them. If I think I could make a different then yes I would. I have been Labour and I have been Tory. I don’t know who I’m going to vote for this year.

In the right area they probably have some good points and some good MPS. In Bradford, they haven’t got a chance because people are set on other things. The thing is with people these days is that so much is thrown down their throats from the television telling them what to do. The Green party don’t get any publicity and the only publicity they are going to get is in these debates they have.” Michael Harris, Pensioner.


“The Green Party is a good idea but they have no chance. I would not vote for them. Yes it would be nicer to see a Greener Government for 2015 but their policies are not wide enough.” Joseph Fletcher, IT Analyst


“I don’t know much about them. It sounds like they have some really good environmental ideas. I would possibly vote for them but I don’t think they are big enough yet but perhaps in time they will be. They could possibly win locally but who knows.” Alex Gardener, Provident Financial worker.


“The Green Party might work in theory but not in practice. They do not have strong enough views to survive in today’s society.” Tariq Latif, businessman


“I strongly believe with what the Green Party say. I would vote for them because it frustrates me to see how money seems to play an important part in who gets elected. I have agreed with many of the issues they highlight including a holistic approach to governance is needed that combines environmental issues, issues of equality, a need for the living wage and real democracy. People in Bradford should recognise their efforts and vote for them. I hope they win.” Cliff Walters, Builder


“I don’t know a lot about them but I know they are the most reasonable party out of the lot. I voted for them last year so I am leaning towards the Green Party again this year too. I don’t think they have the slightest chance of winning in Bradford because Bradford is a largely Labour voted area.” Yamon Salmey, Student


“The Greens are a joke. They are just a more shaken down version of the Labour party with a few extra policies thrown in for the environmentalists. I wouldn’t vote for them and I don’t think they have a chance of winning in Bradford. They are not strong enough.” Dale Smith, Student


“I think that the Green Party is targeting students and young adults with their education and environment policies and taking them for a ride the same way that Nick Clegg persuaded them to vote in 2010 and then abandoned them. For that reason I won’t be voting for them. I will be voting for Labour like I always have done.” Nafeesa Yaqoob ,Psychologist


“I don’t know enough about them but they seem more genuine than the other parties so yes I would vote for them. The only thing is, I don’t think they have much chance of winning in Bradford. Everyone is determined to either vote Labour or the Respect Party. No one ever seems to give anyone else a chance.” Hamza Saleem, Pharmacist.


“I think that the Green Party are not really the tree hugging advocates they make out to be because a lot of the politicians they have put forward have put their foot in it more than once. For that reason I would not vote for them because I don’t trust them. I am very particular to who I vote for and I don’t like to vote for people who can’t do a good enough job at representing themselves.” Jaz Kaur, Bank Worker


“I think they are quite sensible and I think it’s the right way forward for now. Yes, I would vote for them but they do not have a chance of winning. It is a shame really because if more people heard about their campaigns they would have more chance of being recognised and voted.”  Shaima Zaman, Houswife


“If it’s something that will benefit the environment then I agree with their policies. I am not sure if I would vote for them, purely because I don’t know much about them. If they are concerned with the environment then I definitely think that more people should consider voting them and that way we can see what changes they can implement into our area. Costas, Student.


“I’m voting green this year. I agree with their policies. They are on side with ethical feelings towards things and they are environmentally conscious. Me and my husband have been very much into the environment for quite a long time. We use cloth nappies and try to be as green as possible. Obviously the Green Party is going to be our first choice. I have a few friends who are quite active with the Green Party. I would like to think they can win but if not, I know that they will do well. What I’d really like to see is the Green Party winning a significant number of local government seats and parliamentary seats in the next general election. But we shall see.”   Feena, Self employed.


“They have a lot of good things to say but I don’t know. They cannot run an industrial society on green energy sources. It is not possible. I think they are more of protest group than a full party.

I think all the parties should implement some of their policies. They don’t have a chance of winning in Bradford, no way.” Shirley Croftwood, Pensioner


“I would vote for them after UKIP. They only thing I strongly object to is them stopping plastic bags at supermarkets. It gets me mad because you need them.” Julie Saunders, Pensioner


“I have not heard much about them but it looks pretty clean outside to me. If I voted, I would vote for them but I don’t believe in voting.” Ryan Davis, Gymnastics teacher.


“I don’t have a massive opinion on politics. A lot of the politicians are all about saying stuff but not doing anything. I wouldn’t vote for them and they definitely don’t have a chance of winning. They haven’t made themselves known to the public. A majority of the people out there won’t have even heard of them.” Adam Khalid, Taxi driver


“The Green Party sell themselves as a new type of politics but when you look closely, they are anything but modern. Their education policies are outdated. They really need to be careful on how they are selling themselves because right now everything seems very contradictory. I wouldn’t vote for them because they themselves are very unclear for what they are standing for.” Daniel Carter, Freelance photographer


“One hundred per cent, I will be voting the Green Party. My decision was made following my anger towards UKIP. With UKIP having broken the 2 party monopoly and the absence of any humane vision from Labour, I think the Greens could grow and end up with power in terms of a coalition government.” Richard Upton, HR manager.


“I have been advocate for the Green Party for quite a while now. I have become increasingly concerned about the state of the country we live in and the global political, economical and environmental situation. I hope that by voting the Greens they can bring about positive change to make our society fairer and more environmentally friendly. I just hope more people from Bradford back them.” Craig Milner, Volunteer.