He has packed out shows before and is probably one of the most influential Sufi street musician in the world. Yes we are talking about none other than Pakistan’s original musical gem Sain Zahoor who is back with his UK tour.

Sain Zahoor is a self-taught, spiritual, musician who mainly performs traditional Punjabi folk or popular Sufi style music. As a child following a recurring dream he left his family and devoted his life to singing at shrines and gained a cult following in Pakistan which quickly followed with more fans across the globe.

Sain Zahoor on tour poster
Sain Zahoor on tour poster

Although traditional in dress, with a turban, an elaborately decorated robe, beads and rings he has many fans from the western world and he also made an appearance in the famous British film West is West. It is no wonder the maestro is often seen with the same kind of treatment at shows like you would popular A- List pop stars.

Sain will be performing his classic yet surprisingly radical compositions by well-known Sufi poets during his tour, which may include some of his recent songs such as Mitti Di Dheriye, Ki Jana Main Kaun and Mera Yaar Vi Tu Mera Pyar Vi Tu

Sain is a master of the three-string Ektara lute and his music embodies the cultural wealth and soul of Pakistan’s popular street culture where he began his long journey with music and spirituality. With his small five-piece ensemble, this charismatic figure has a powerful voice that makes an unforgettable impression with people of all backgrounds.

He will be performing at Leeds on Thursday 1 October at the Opera North and on Sunday 4 October at St George’s Hall, Bradford.