Volunteers of a charity organisation spent New Year’s Day cleaning the streets and helping the homeless.

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) gave up their time to clean up the streets of Huddersfield town centre and gave fruit to the homeless.

The kind-hearted volunteers spent hours clearing up the litter, including people of different faiths and beliefs.

A special prayer was read before the start of the event, in which the safety and peace for the country was mentioned.

Wearing Hi-vis jackets, over 40 volunteers picked up rubbish and swept the streets.

Pic: Huddersfield Examiner

Fatihul Haq, president of AMA Huddersfield South, thanked all of this year’s participants.

He said: “The purpose of the event is to give back to the community and encourage the youth of the community to always help others.”

The Huddersfield clean-up takes place as part of a day of clean-ups in 50 towns and cities across the UK organised by the AMYA.

Nadeem Ahmed, regional youth leader from Yorkshire, said: “We’ve been doing the New Year’s clean-up for many years now, and each year we see more and more members coming to help.

“In Islam, ‘Cleanliness is Part of Faith’, so there’s no better way to serve our faith and our country. There’s no better way for us to start the new year.”