By Ninder Kaur
The Council are making the district a better place by working local people, community groups, businesses and the voluntary sector to change the way things are done.

With a lot less money than we are used to, the Council has to reduce spending so it needs to agree a new deal with its partner organisations and the people who live and work in the district and use local services.
In a series of themed weeks the Council is concentrating on  Bradford district’s four priorities which are: Good schools providing a great start for all our children; Better skills, more good jobs and a growing
economy; Better health, better lives; and Safe, Clean and Active communities.

The first themed week, which starts today, September 7, is safe, clean and active communities, and a whole range of activities is taking place to demonstrate how important it is that we all contribute to keeping our environment clean, reducing waste, recycling and being active in our neighbourhoods.

Coun Imran Khan, Bradford Council’s Executive member for Environment, Sport and Sustainability, said: “Local people have the most important part to play because looking after the environment, helping to keep the places we live and work in clean and safe, reducing waste, increasing recycling and getting involved in the community are all really essential and the right things to do. It is in everyone’s interest to produce as
little waste as possible.

“Every tonne of waste that is not recycled means more going to landfill – costing local taxpayers £83 a tonne. Not only is it costing us all more money, it is bad for the environment and each household in the

Coun David Green, Leader of Bradford Council, said: “The demand for our services continues to increase but our budget continues to drop.

“Government funding for Bradford Council services has been cut by £165 million in the last few years and the reductions are set to continue.

“If we don’t all work together and contribute, we may risk some services disappearing altogether, so we need to continue to listen and act on people’s ideas as to how things can be done differently.”