The rape and murder of innocent little Zainab Ansari has outraged people all over the world.

Hundreds if not thousands of people have taken to the streets and social media to demand justice for Zainab.

The seven-year-old girl was abducted and raped before being murdered in a city in northeastern Pakistan and later discovered in a heap of rubbish.

It is believed that Zainab disappeared on January 4 after leaving her house to go to a tuition centre. Her body was discovered five days later on Tuesday 9 January.

Her parents, who were in Saudi Arabia performing Umrah (holy pilgrimage) at the time of her abduction, returned to Pakistan on the morning of 10 January, hours after Zainab’s funeral prayers were held.

Artist Simone Malik
Top left CCTV footage of suspect with Zainab Ansari. Bottom left artist Simone’s analysis of suspect face, middle Pakistan police sketch. Right, Simone’s sketch of suspect in CCTV

Bradford based Pakistani artist, Simone Malik like many has been outraged by the story and has been following the news closely. Ms Malik has been shocked at the lack of response from the police, but more so of their sketch of the main suspect in Zainab’s murder case.

“We were following the news, last night at around 730pm and I saw the sketch of the culprit on an Asian news channel. When I saw the face I thought, no, it’s nothing like the CCTV. I was so angry. Ms Malik told Asian Sunday

“A few minutes later I felt I had to study the sketch the police had done and wrote out a detailed critique which I shared on my social media.

“As an artist I could see the technicality of it, and there were so many flaws with the police’s sketch. The nose, the eyes, the nostril, they were all so far from the CCTV. Even the suspects forehead was so different from the CCTV. The CCTV shows the suspect with a narrower forehead, but the sketch is nothing like that”

Ms Malik wasn’t the only one who felt like this about the Police’s sketch. Along with comments on her own social media, many on Twitter also felt the same.

One said: “Wow. The forensic sketch looks nothing like the guy in the CCTV footage. The sketch doesn’t even have a beard.

This is hopeless. Nothing will happen. The f******g police knows just who it is and is protecting him. #JusticeForZainab”

Another said: “Big difference between the sketch and the CCTV footage They are either trying to cover something up or they are just painfully incompetent. #JusticeForZainab”

Following up on the comments from her social media, and the desperate urge for the suspect to be caught Ms Malik then attempted to draw out her own accurate sketch of the suspect seen in the CCTV footage.

She said: “I had an image in my mind when I saw the CCTV and thought I must get this out as soon as possible so this vile person can be caught quickly”

Since posting her sketch on social media, it has had nearly 100 shares from crime reporters to political representatives from both India and Pakistan.

Nouman Zaboor, who is a crime reporter in Pakistan wrote about the picture: “Incredible I think this is perfect”

Mobeen Chaudhry, who is Bureau Chief UK & EU at ARY News wrote: “Thanks for your concern Ms Simone G Malik I have forwarded this picture to authorities in Lahore”

Asif Khan Media Coordinator for Imran Khan’s PTI party wrote: “I have through my contacts forwarded this to Punjab police and those ruling Punjab including cabinet ministers of CM Punjab. Hope this little angel gets speedy justice and such horrible crimes against children are avoided”

Ms Malik, is urging people to share the sketch of the suspect as much as possible so that it can hopefully lead to a successful arrest of the culprit, who has committed this heinous crime.