Ever since she was able to walk, Sandeep Tak has had a football glued to her feet.

A lifelong Manchester United fan, football has played a pivotal part in her younger years being the only female to represent her school team during primary years.

In a community that in some aspect is still yet to embrace British Asians pursuing a career in football, Sandeep’s journey has been a positive reflection that not all suffer from the fear of change or the fear of allowing their children to take a non traditional Asian path.

Her family have supported her decision to carve out a career in football, encouraging her to follow her dreams. Being brought up in a football mad family has certainly made these particular choices easier, with both her father and Grandfather loving the game just as much as she does.

“Telling my Parents I wanted to play football and that I had joined the School team was really easy as they were fans of the game them. As kids they also use to play football, especially my dad who wanted to become a professional player. Since my first training session they have been extremely supportive and ensured I had everything I needed to be the best that I can be.”

So where did it all start for Sandeep?

Scouted in 2010 by Queens Park Rangers and playing for their development squad, Sandeep made the decision to travel to America as part of a Scholarship programme playing for Lowa Western. After three and a half months out there she returned and played for Notts County development and trained with the first team for Watford Ladies. She has now moved to Tottenham Ladies where she feels she is really learning and developing as a player.

“This is my first season at Tottenham Ladies and I am really enjoying playing here. They are a truly welcoming club  and treat you like family. I have had a good first half season and looking forward to the second half and moving up.”

Having the ability to play in a few positions on the field provides not just more opportunities for Sandeep but also for any club she plays for.

“I am looking to play in the number ten position but I can also play in central midfield, left and right forward so I am quite versatile and provide a few attacking options for clubs.”

With so much talk surrounding the lack of British Asians in a top flight football league, Sandeep has high ambitions of where she sees herself in the next few years.

“I am studying business management at University and will graduate in 2019 but the plan is to play football full time.  I want to continue developing myself so that I can push for a first team place at Spurs Ladies. I then want to go on and represent my Country. I am training 6 days a week along with my studies and various other things but my mindset is focused and determined.”