By Ninder Kaur

Comedy Nights with Kapil star, Kapil Sharma will be taking his antics to the silver screen this month.

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, the upcoming Indian romantic comedy will see Kapil transform into the

Kapil sharma
Comedian turned actor Kapil Sharma

leading actor for his Bollywood movie debut.

The movie has been directed by Bollywood film making duo Abbas and Mustan Burmawalla and produced by Ganesh Jain and Ratan Jain.

Asian Style Magazine caught up with Kapil about his bollywood debut, his injuries whilst filming and more.


Tell us a bit about the film? 

The film is about a guy who accidently ends up marrying three girls. Apart from them, he has a girlfriend too. So the film is how he gets trapped in situations and manages to escape.


How were you approached to be the leading actor in the film?

One of our k9 Productions writer, Anukalp Goswami had written this script a long time ago and had narrated the story to Abbas Mustan sir. However, at the time they couldn’t get the proper cast that they wanted, so they had to delay the filmmaking process until now. Simultaneously, he narrated the story to me and suggested my name to Abbas Mustan and they immediately agreed.


With it being your Bollywood debut, are you nervous about what the audience will think? 

No. I am not at all nervous as I m playing the character in my own zone. In fact, I am very confortable playing my character.


How was it breaking into the Bollywood film industry?Kapil Sharma 3

There is not much difference. I think that films are much easier to do than television. It’s way more relaxed than television. There are always positive and negative points of every industry. I have just started my career in Bollywood so let’s see.


Were your expectations of making a Bollywood film as you imagined it to be? 

 Yes. The good part about doing this movie is that I get a chance to act in my zone. The audience loves my comedic persona, so I am glad that what was expected from me is fulfilled in the movie.


What challenges did you face?

The most difficult thing for me was dancing. Most of the songs required dancing and I am a not dancer. I found this to be the most challenging thing for me whilst making the film.


Did you feel as though your career as a comedian helped you land the role?

Yes, it did help me through this. During the making of the film I could discover the other side of my personality.


What was it like working with the rest of the cast?

It was fun. Arbaaz Sir is usually very cool. Varun is fun to work with. Ellie and the other girls are hard working and dedicated towards their work, so overall it was fun to work with rest of the cast.


What advice did they give you?Kapil Sharma 2

The advice that Abbas and Mustan Bhai gave me was to be myself, the way I am on my show and to enjoy my work and not to do anything different for the big screens. Following his advice, it had to come out naturally.


What can people except in the film?  Can they expect you being your usual comedic self? 


No. Apart from my comedy fan, they will see me in a different avatar…romancing, dancing being emotional. This film has given diversity to my personality.


You suffered with a slipped disc whilst shooting a song for your debut film. How are you now?

I am much better now but with long working hours the pain aggravates and so I try not to exert myself much.


What was it like working with renowned directors and producers who have had so much success?

I feel very honored that such renowned directors Abbas-Mustan showed so much trust in me. They are the most calm and coolest directors I have worked with. They don’t pressurise any actor. Araam se sab kaam ho jaata hai.


Did you write any of the jokes in the film?

When it comes to the script, improvisation does happen, so definitely wherever I felt I could give my inputs I did improvise.


Would you consider making more films for Bollywood?

Yes why not. I have just started my career in Bollywood and I hope to do more movies. I haven’t planned much but let’s hope for the best. You will come to know.


Have you been approached for any other films? 

Yes. I have been approached for films but at the moment there hasn’t been any interesting scripts. Until I come across one I like, then I will take it further.


Which do you prefer acting or stand-up comedy and why?

 I enjoy both for different reasons. With comedy I can be myself and with acting I can get to explore my personality more and be different characters whilst doing so.

Why should people go watch the film?

People should go and watch the movie, as it is full family entertainer. It is a film for all age groups to enjoy. It’s a way to see me in a different light.



Usually people are accident prone, but SRK – Shiv Ram Kishan (Kapil Sharma) – is ‘marriage prone’. So not only does he get married once or twice but thrice and to top it all he also has a girlfriend (Elli Avram)! Fun-loving romantic, SRK, falls in love with all four women, but how will he keep them from finding out about each other? That is the essence of this fun-filled and entertaining story.


Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon also stars an ensemble cast including; Arbaaz Khan, Manjari Phadnis, Amrita Puri, Simran Kaur Mundi (former Miss India Universe), Elli Avram (former Bigg Boss contesntant), Sai Lokur, Varun Sharma, Supriya Pathak, Sharat Saxena, Manoj Joshi, Shara Sankla and Johnny Lever’s daughter Jamie Lever.

The movie will be releasing later this month on 25th September.