Amir Khan to many is one of the greatest boxers coming out of England but on the other hand, Kell Brook hasn’t really created the type of legacy compared to his rival Amir Khan. Khan at a young age decided to move abroad to branch out and train with world class trainers such as Freddie Roach who was the Hall of Fame trainer of Manny Pacquiao.

Although Khan has the bigger name, it seems quite unusual to see Khan taking part in so many interviews leading up to fight against Khan. Khan is currently training in Denver, Colorado with his now head coach, Bo Mac. Bo Mac as you might not know is the trainer for Terrence Crawford who is currently considered the best welterweight in the division.

Khan has expressed he is training at high altitude in Denver and as he states, ‘the best shape’ he’s ever been. Khan explained one of the reasons of taking this fight on was because of the popular demand from everyone wanting to see the fight. Khan expresses, “Every-where I went, people just asked me about when this fight would happen. Maybe it’s not a big fight in the states because people don’t really know Kell. But here, it’s massive and everyone wants to see who is better’.

When Khan was asked recently if he would be upset after months of training could go to waste if the fight doesn’t happen, he said, “No, end of the day, I know what I’ve done. But having that question always asked makes me want to give back to the fans. But really we’re not bothered. I wouldn’t be that bothered, it’s one of them things”.

Khan saying this could mean two separate things. Firstly, is Khan really not that bothered to face Brook or is he trying to make Brook think he’s not bothered about fighting him when in fact he truly is?

This could go either way which can favour Khan as it would make Brook not train as much. Khan could capitalise on this and defeat Brook. On the other hand, Khan could take the fight easy considering he has fought tougher fighters in the past and end up losing.

Either way, whether the fighters are bothered to compete or not, British boxing fans are eagerly excited to see who wins the fight between the two.

It’s also surprising that we’ve not heard anything from Brook even though he is fighting Khan. It could be possible that Brook is really focused on Khan and training vigorously at the gym which he trains at known as the Ingle gym in Sheffield.

What are your thoughts on the fight?

Is Khan genuinely not interested if Brook fights or is Khan trying to make it seem like he’s not interested to allow Brook to put his guard down and not train as hard?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and tell us your predictions of the fight!