Manchester United has some of the greatest players from all over the globe so it’s definitely not the players not being good enough. But it could suggest that these top-class players can’t really play together which is quite surprising and disappointing for the fans who come out and watch their team.

One of the biggest starts in the club who returned to the team in the summer transfer window was none other than the Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo joined the club after parting ways with his former Italian club: Juventus. He [Ronaldo] was signed for Manchester United in a 2-year deal costing the club £12.85 million which isn’t as much as it seems. But bearing in mind, Ronaldo is now 37 years old and could possibly be in his last few years in playing football professionally.

Ronaldo debuted in his first game returning vs Newcastle United who they were able to beat 4-1. In total, Ronaldo has played 23 games since returning but their wins haven’t been as spectacular as you would imagine.

Recently, the Red Devils took on Wolves in what was seeming to be a game they would win but ended up losing 1-0. The new appointed temporary manager, Ralf Rangnick also admitted after their loss, “Looking at today’s performance if I say we are 100% convinced we will finish in the top four, I don’t know if people will believe that”.

Luke Shaw, the left-back who plays for Manchester United stressed in an interview after the game, “We weren’t together”. He adds, “You look at the players we have, we have unbelievable quality but sometimes quality is not enough. We need to bring the intensity and more motivation”.

This could be quite a depressing time for not only fans but players as reports have suggested some players are wanting to leave the club. It’s very strange to see the once dominant club having such lacklustre performances. The long rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool stems back for decades and even then, they weren’t able to use the motivation from past performances to win.

Manchester United lost to Liverpool 5-0 in their much-anticipated game. Yes, you read that correctly and probably knew!

Some fans are furious about how the Red Devils are turning out and even Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt isn’t shying away from expressing his thoughts as a tweet emerged from his official Twitter account.

Usain Bolt shared on his Twitter account, “New year same pain”. Referring to Manchester United’s recent loss to the Wolves.

Usain St. Leo Bolt on Twitter: “New year same pain 😢” / Twitter

User @FalolaSegun11 on twitter stressed, “They don’t feel the pain. We fans feel it. I wanted to cry. I don’t know if the team is dying”.

Focus 24/7 on Twitter: “@ESPNUK They dont feel the pain. We fans feel it. I wanted to cry. I dont know if the team is dying. We play like female team.” / Twitter

Whilst another fans on Twitter named @MaoGato2 expressed, “I don’t think Man-united players feel the pain fans go thru”.

Jaøa Mao Gato on Twitter: “@ESPNUK I don’t think Man-united players feel the pain fans go thru” / Twitter

What are your thoughts on the Manchester United team? Do you think they’ll get their act together and start winning games or does it look like the division will increase and players will end up leaving the club? Let us know your thoughts.