Francis has reigned supreme as one of the greatest and ferocious fighters in the heavyweight division after beating Stipe Miocic in their second fight. Stipe was able to defeat Francis in their first matchup which saw Francis losing via a unanimous decision. Many fans wondered was Francis really the ‘hype train’ who just was a load of muscle who couldn’t get past the first round?

It’s clear from pasts fights, Francis has had cardio issues going into fights and which tire himself out leading into the second round.

After losing to Stipe, Francis went on to fight Derrick Lewis in which was a very poor fight with hardly any action. Francis ended up losing in another unanimous decision against Derrick Lewis.

However, Francis started improving his cardio and went onto a four-fight winning streak which landed him a shot at redemption in fighting the champion at the time, Stipe Miocic.

A calmer and more relaxed Francis entered the octogen that night and shook the entire world after knocking out Stipe in the second round.

Currently, Francis is the UFC heavyweight champion of the world but former training partner, Ciryl  Gane is looking to capitalise on the opportunity to face Francis in the next two weeks.

Although Francis is scheduled to face Cirly, Francis is not one to hide away from a big showdown against the boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury is one of the greatest heavyweights in the modern era and was able to dethrone and defeat Deontay Wilder twice in their fights. The latest fight between Fury and Wilder was classed as one of the greatest heavyweight fights which ended with Tyson knocking out Wilder. As of right now, Tyson is the heavyweight champion of the world and has never lost a fight.

Tyson hasn’t made it clear if he would ever face Francis but in a recent interview Francis expressed to TMZ about a possibility to get into the squared ring,

“It has always been down the line. It’s not something I’m taking my eyes off. I would like to test myself against Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

“At the end of the day, it’s about throwing hands and I know if I deliver my bombs, I can deliver some damage”.

Whether it’s likely if this fight occurs the trainer of Tyson Fury, Sugar Hill Steward from Kronk Gym has explained, “I can see Tyson facing Dillian Whyte in March”. Sugar Hill Steward hasn’t said much and neither has Tyson.

Tyson is yet to even confirm his interest in fighting Francis but it wouldn’t be a massive shock if we ever saw the fight happen since the last time 2 major sports went against each other was when Conor McGregor stepped into the ring and fought Floyd Mayweather back in 2017.

What are your thoughts of Francis wanting to fight Tyson? Do you think Francis has what it takes to beat Tyson?