With Kimberley Walsh and Dynamo already attending the launch of Asian Sunday London, we are delighted to announce that Indian actress Kareena Kapoor Khan will also be at the House of Commons.

Following the unprecedented success of the now two-year-old Bradford Edition, publishing group I & E Media will be unveiling the London Edition of pioneering media title, Asian Sunday, at the House of Commons on Tuesday, October 29.

The milestone occasion will be witnessed by a high-profile guest list of London and Bradford MPʼs, VIPʼs, dignitaries, celebrities and influencers across the media and business sectors.

Supported by Event Partner British Airways, Asian Sunday Londonʼs official launch will welcome attendees joining to celebrate the theme of the launch event – integration – and bridging the gap in terms of ethnicity, community, business and geography, echoing the ethos of the newspaper.

International celebrities – Kareena Kapoor Khan, Bollywood royalty and A-list Indian actress; Kimberley Walsh, singer-songwriter, model, television presenter, actress and band member of Girls Aloud; and Dynamo, AKA Steven Frayne, Dynamo: Magician Impossible will be honoured by the newspaper and Members of Parliament – for their respective contributions to the global entertainment industry.

Founded by I and E Media Managing Director, Fatima Patel, Asian Sunday newspaper has established itself as a benchmark publication – the UKʼs first free Sunday paper; the first Sunday title across the UK Asian media sector; highlighting news that focuses on South Asians living and working and their lifestyle in the UK and sharing this insight with the wider community by distributing the newspaper free; and the first UK Asian newspaper to be solo-owned by a female.

Fuelled by the success of the Bradford edition in achieving recognition and fostering cross-community relations between the South Asian and wider, local communities, Fatima decided to introduce the newspaper to the Capital, reaching its abundance of diverse communities alongside the local, South Asian community. Asian Sunday London will be delivered to over 20 tube stations across London, in addition to supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and Morrisons, retailers, businesses and to a further 20,000 door-to-door households. Over 250,000 newspapers will be distributed per month, with a potential readership generated in excess of a million monthly readers. The debut copy of Asian Sunday London will be distributed on November 10, following the House of Commons launch event.

Asian Sunday focuses on community cohesion, sharing news on the South Asian community living, working and their lifestyle in the UK with the wider community, with specific focus on the 3rd and 4th generation experience, in turn engaging a better understanding of the UK South Asian community. Editorial content spans politics, news, lifestyle, arts, culture and entertainment, beyond the stereotypical and encouraging interaction and dialogue with youth audiences also.

Fatima Patel, Managing Director of I & E Media and Managing Editor of Asian Sunday, said: “Launching Asian Sunday London is very close to my heart, both on a personal and professional level. It hopefully will allow me to continue my journey as a female entrepreneur but also, being probably the only female-owned Asian newspaper, will help me promote to the Asian community and the wider community that dreams can become reality – the journey of a Muslim girl from Bradford, now daring to launch a benchmark media title in London. I hope I can make my parents proud that the girl who used to work in their corner shops, helping with the paper rounds now owns a national newspaper.”