Maz Bonafide is back again with yet another banger! This time with a hint of traditonal element.

Tappe / Boliyan is a rich and diverse musical tradition that has its roots in the Punjab and Kashmir region of India and Pakistan.

It is known for its lively and upbeat rhythms, as well as its use of traditional instruments such as the dhol, dholak, sarangi, and algoza.

Tappe are characterized by its fast, rhythmic beat and intricate melodic patterns. The lyrics of tappe often tell stories or express emotions, and the songs are typically sung in a call-and-response style, with the singer improvising the melody and the chorus repeating the refrain.

Maz Bonafide has incorporated elements of this genre and used modern lyrics for his latest single’ Lamborghini Tape’.

The colourful music video is a treat for the eyes and ears.

Traditional lyrics paired with modern-style music video is the perfect combination.

The inclusion of ”Tappe/Boliyan” in the lyrics makes it the perfect wedding song for the season!

‘‘I wrote some Tappe / Boliyan for fun. Then I included them in my set and started performing them at weddings and other events. The response from the crowd was that good that I had to officially record and release the track’’

said Maz Bonafide

”Lamborghini Tappe’’ is out now!

Watch official music video here: