Over the past week, the BBC have been releasing pieces of archive footage that represent all things Yorkshire. This archive footage is more modern than the previous clips, however. In today’s archive footage, first broadcast in 2017, Nadiya Hussain from The Great British Bake Off teaches us how to make a sweet Yorkshire pudding!

From the beginning of the clip, Nadiya explains how difficult she has found it to perfect her Yorkshires.

“For years, I bought Yorkshires, and then suddenly, having married a Yorkshireman, I felt obliged to learn how to make a proper Yorkshire,” says the baking expert. “The first time I made them, I remember nailing it and thinking “I can do this! What’s all the fuss about?”. Then, the second time I made them, it was a complete disaster.”

Hussain explains her perfect recipe for Yorkshire puddings, and also lets us know her trick to making sure you get them right every time.

“The secret to getting perfectly puffy Yorkshires,” states Hussain. “Is the coming together of the chilled batter and hot oil.”

The Yorkshires that Nadiya is making are not your typical Sunday dinner accompaniments, however. In this recipe, the Bake-Off star combines her puddings with jam, to make a sweet treat instead.

The footage is part of the BBC’s archive project which will show content produced in and around Yorkshire over the past decades. The short clips will contain footage demonstrating significant points in Yorkshire’s history.

You can check out the clip below and make sure to keep an eye out for more archive footage to follow.