By Ninder Kaur

Canadian artist Dave Bawa delivers the second video to accompany his 5 track debut EP ‘This Is Me’. Dave has a magical way of fusing Punjabi and English lyrics in a style all his own. The second single from the EP is ‘Maar Sutey’ and the video is a little morbid with poison, bodies in trunks and DIY funerals!

The first single ‘Aish’ featured American rapper Rush Toor and the urban Punjabi singer Shrey Sean based in India. Aish was received with great applause and became a DJ favourite across the globe and breaking into various charts along the way.

Maar Suteya is a beautifully produced number with deep lyrics. Dave explains the thinking

Dave Bawa
Dave Bawa

behind the track: “This song is a true story about my first heartbreak in my life, this heartbreak had a lot to do with shaping me as a person, songwriter and the artist I am today.”

Dave has just completed his full 10-track studio album with musical maestro Rishi Rich in Atlanta USA. The eclectic album is set to release worldwide early 2016.

The EP was produced by fellow Canadian Harj Nagra and features an eclectic mix of urban sounds fused with Punjabi and English lyrics and vocals by Dave.

This Is Me is out now.

Listen to the brand new track here: