By Aalia Khan

Parineeti has spoken to us about her upcoming release Daawat-e-ishq, her rise to stardom, the time she spent in Manchester and what it has been like to work with Aditya Roy Kapoor.

Still from Movie Daawat E Ishq
Still from Movie Daawat E Ishq

Describe your role in Daawat-e-ishq.

The film is about a sweet, little girl from Hyderabad who is a huge foodie. She wants to get out of the system that she’s grown up in. Being a foodie she travels to Lucknow and meets Tariq, who is a chef, and she falls in love with him. It’s a really sweet, happy, feel good love story.

How does it feel to go from working in the catering industry in Manchester to becoming a mega Bollywood star?

When you put it like that it feels awesome, it has been an amazing journey. Back when I was catering for Manchester United I never thought I would become an actress one day, but now that I have I’m really glad that things have worked out in this way.  I hope that I do really well while I’m here.

Have you ever visited Manchester after becoming a big star?

Oh yes I miss Manchester all the time so I keep going back. I was there last year and I’m sure I’ll be there again very soon. I miss the food and the people. Most of my friends are still there so I travel there quite a lot. I also Love and travel to London often.

What is your favourite thing to eat when in Manchester?

I like to go back to Rusholme and eat all the local food there. There’s a restaurant called Jaffas which serves awesome Lebanese food so I love it.

Could you tell me what it was like working with Aditya Roy Kapoor?

It was wonderful, I really love Aditya, he’s such a sweet guy and he’s so easy to work with. When you get along so well it’s a pleasure to work together, so it was really nice working with him, and I hope I get to make many more films with him.

Will we see any intense romance between you and him like we saw in Aashiqui 2?

Not intense, but you’ll see a lot of feel good romance. It contains a lot of happiness and positivity and very sweet romance, that’s the reason why I did the film.

Did you eat a lot during the making of the film?

Oh yeah no doubt about that, even as parts of the scenes we had to eat a lot. In Lucknow and Hyderabad when we were shooting, it was such a pleasure, because there were so many amazing places to eat, and we put on a lot of weight when we came back (she laughs)

Who’s been your favourite co-star to work with so far; Arjun Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, Siddharth Malhotra or now Aditya Kapoor?

I would have to say Aditya, Sid and Arjun. I’m closest to these three and I love working with them.

What else can we expect from Parineeti in the future?

My next film is called Kill Dil, it’s with Ranveer Singh and directed by Shaad Ali; that will be my next release.

After that I’ve signed a film with Saif Ali Khan with Illuminati films – that’s on hold right now, I don’t know when we are going to shoot it. Other than that I haven’t signed anything just yet.

I hope you guys enjoy Daawat-e-ishq and I hope you also enjoy kill Dil after that.